First of all, thanks for looking up my blog. So, I’m an ambitious 16-year old living in Chandigarh, India. I love listening to songs, reading books, swimming, writing, reading and binge-watching Netflix. I want to inspire more and more people to read books. I I want to work hard on my academics and focus on my writing skills as well which is very difficult for me to balance these days however this blog is going to help me achieve that balance. My book genres can sometimes range from intriguing thriller mysteries to classic dramas and i enjoy exploring different things!

Like any other kid, I used to love reading Geronimo Stilton and Diary of a Wimpy Kid comics which were very easy and enjoyable to read. I tried my hand at reading heavy novels but it was such a headache and out of exasperation I gave up. During my early teens, I started reading the Harry Potter series and there was no stopping me then and I kept reading till the point keeping my hands off books just became inexorable.