The Great Gatsby Review

Hey readers! I have some good news. As a part of my AP English Literature Curriculum, I’ll have to read a number of literary classics till May. I know I can procrastinate a lot sometimes and be irregular with my blog posts but this will bring me the added motivation I needed so that I can efficiently do the best I can with my blog. In fact, it was one of the major reasons why I took the course to begin with. I can blog and I don’t even have to worry about my studies; I just have to do the one thing I love: read. Today, I’ll be reviewing The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of the most fascinating things about this novel and its author is that it didn’t even begin to gain prominence in the literary world while the author was still alive. Fitzgerald died thinking himself to be failed writer, not knowing that he was leaving a masterpiece behind.

The book is quite short; in merely nine chapters, Fitzgerald managed to create a very concisely written piece of art that has a very deep meaning. The novel is narrated by a man nearing his thirties named Nick Carraway. Carraway, tired of the middle western life, decides to move to New York and become a bond businessman. He settles down in a decrepit house in the West Egg area of Long Island. The book is mostly centred around Nick’s new neighbour, Mr. Jay Gatsby. People have a million different stories about Mr. Gatsby. Some say he’s an Oxford man. Some say that he inherited his wealth and affluence from his uncle. Some say he even killed a man. But one thing is definitely true and known and that is Mr. Gatsby throws the best and the most extravagant parties in the whole of New York. People from different parts of America come to attend his parties, however, only some are invited and rarely any of them can even tell what Mr. Gatsby looks like. However, the story isn’t about Mr. Gatsby’s parties or his wealth but about the one and only thing he desires more than anything. Mr. Gatsby is overcome by an ineffable amount of love for Nick’s married second cousin, Daisy, who lives right across the waters in East Egg and he can do literally anything to gather her attention.

The story doesn’t include a lot of characters but each and every one plays an important role in giving shape to the amorphous plot. I determined Nick Carraway to be a reliable and unbiased narrator after just reading the first paragraph of the novel. I think he’s a brilliant character but the book is less about him and more about the things he witnesses.

You might find the book quite abrupt, some people even find it incomplete and wanted Fitzgerald to explore it more but I think that would’ve defeated the purpose of the story. The novel’s motive was to show meaning and not just state the plot. It links the story to the great ‘American Dream’. After reading the book, you’ll realise that this is our tale and we are all Gatsbys. However, I feel that the ending is quite ambiguous and might hold a different meaning for everyone and that’s just the beauty of it. The reader can interpret in whichever way he wants and the book will mean something entirely different to him. Gatsby was one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever read and even I wanted to read more of him. I think this book should be read at least once in a lifetime and I highly recommend it to everyone. I’m glad I read it.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Happy Reading, Sidh.

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