Week 17: Normal People Review

Hey readers! I finished another book yesterday and I’ll be reviewing the same right now. Normal People by Sally Rooney. I picked this book because I’m really tired of reading classics and other twentieth century books that changed the world forever. I figured I should be reading a more recent book. A phenomenal millennial book. And this book came up everywhere.

What I’ve learned after a lot of books is that each book tells us about the socio-economic conditions of the time in which the author lived in and with Sally Rooney, 27, entered a younger mindset into the world of fiction. Normal People tells us about the average adult thinking in the 21st century. On various platforms the book has been summarised as a story revolving around two Irish youngsters who are bound by love and over the course of many years their paths cross each other at various instances. While that is true, that is not all this book is about.

Marianne and Connell share a very unique and peculiar relationship which they don’t understand themselves. Both of them are secretly trying their best to feel at peace with their eccentricities but the oppression they suffer from those around them, prevents them from doing so. Even though I’m not an adult yet, I found a lot of things in this book that I could relate with. The book told me a lot about what people actually feel about their future, ambitions and aspirations.

There isn’t much to the plot of the book but nonetheless it was an extremely good read and even though there were times in between where I disliked the book a lot and didn’t feel like reading it at all, I would want to read it again. The writing style of the author was really warm and affectionate. I really liked it and it made me feel really connected to the book. I recommend everyone to give it a try.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Happy Reading, Sidh.

6 thoughts on “Week 17: Normal People Review”

      1. Finally! Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to find a good nonfiction read for so long and now I finally have one! 🙂

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