Week 8: 13 Reasons Why S4 Review

Hey binge-watchers! I finally got something to watch as the fourth and last season of 13 Reasons Why aired last week. This review will not contain any season 4 spoilers, however it will contain spoilers from the previous 3 seasons.

The fourth season of this high school drama shows the aftermath of Bryce Walker’s murder and its coverup. Following the coverup, some students of Liberty High are being constantly haunted by trauma, nightmares, hallucinations and are overwhelmed by only one emotion. Guilt. The season primarily focused on Clay Jensen’s mental health and how unstable he becomes after everything that happened throughout his childhood. I don’t think that anyone can disagree that Clay has suffered a lot. A LOT. Clay struggles as he unsuccessfully tries to keep a normal facade but everyone knows that he is breaking apart. Apart from Clay, the season tells us about the situation of all other characters and we do see a 13 Reasons Why reunion as characters from the other seasons revisit the show.

Everyone involved in framing Monty de La Cruz and saving Alex from prison is in danger. These mere teenagers find themselves in yet another predicament as they realise that someone is desperately trying to uncover the truth about the Homecoming night. And while all of this is happening, Clay, the link that binds the whole group, is collapsing. Talk about bad timing, huh? The Homecoming night has left an indelible remark on everyone’s hearts and the biggest challenge for them will be to set aside everything that happened and focus on their careers before high school comes to an end.

To deteriorate the situation, the season starts with a priestess giving a sermon at a funeral where everyone from Liberty High is present. So, we are presented with yet another excruciating and troubling question. Who is going to die?

The season was very vague. For me, it had no meaning. But I will say this that this season was indispensable to bring an end to the show once and for all. If you’re not a big fan of the series I wouldn’t recommend watching the season as it really isn’t worthwhile. I will only recommend this season to all the big 13 Reasons Why fans out there.

Check out the season 4 trailer below:

See you next week. Stay Safe. Stay Tuned for more posts.


2 thoughts on “Week 8: 13 Reasons Why S4 Review”

  1. Amazing work, as always! Also, can you write about your list of fav stand-ups on netflix? Can’t wait for it!👏🏻

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