Week 6: Dark Review

Hey binge-watchers! Oof it had been a long time since I watched some good TV till I found this mind-numbing series. Dark is a German Netflix Original series which literally blew my mind. I find it hard to describe what watching the series actually felt like. It really was…overwhelming. One thing I learned after watching this series is that you never expect anything in advance. A lot of people write fan fiction and have really good theories about tv shows and books, however, I doubt if they have any predictions about this particular series. This series was vague in every sort. After watching the first few episodes, I nonchalantly concluded that this series is just going to be like Stranger Things with a slightly different approach and storyline but the turn of events that took place was really impressive.

The series revolves around the small town of Winden and its residents. Winden, a quiet and uneventful town where supposedly nothing ever really happens, is much more than everybody thinks (I found myself comparing Winden to Hawkins in Stranger Things). The residents of Winden can feel something is wrong about where they live after the uncanny disappearance of a child in 2019. The residents find themselves in a dilemma as they notice that the disappearance is almost exactly similar to the one that took place many years ago in 1986. The answer to everything lies in Winden’s past and the past might be disconcerting for many.

I can’t write more without spoiling the series for you so I’ll stop with the plot right here. All I can say is that I don’t think I’ve ever watched a series with such a fascinating and unique concept. I can’t help but marvel at how brilliantly the creators managed to pull off a series with such an absurd concept. The series can be slow paced sometimes but watching it was completely worthwhile. Even though the series is purely fictional, nevertheless I found myself questioning the true nature of the world we live in and I couldn’t help but think that what if everything depicted in the series was actually possible. With every episode, the number of questions begin to escalate and you’re just more befuddled than ever! But I’m sure I will find my answers soon enough as Netflix made it official two days ago that the series will come back with a third and final season on 26 June 2020! So excited!

Check out Dark Season 3 Trailer below!

I recommend this series for all sci fi lovers and don’t miss out on the upcoming 3rd season!

Rating: 9/10

1 thought on “Week 6: Dark Review”

  1. I would never typically follow a review but to be very honest, I absolutely love your reviews and writing style!

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