Week 4: The Half Of It Review

Hey binge-watchers! My streaming activity has gone dry these days as I can’t find anything good to watch. But yesterday I watched a latest Netflix Original, The Half Of It. The story is a about a young teenager – Ellie Chu, a bright Chinese immigrant who belongs to a destitute family, struggles through life as manages her father’s railway job and had her own furtive cheating business. She has to suppress her aspirations and make peace with whatever is happening around her. But is that really a way for anyone to live? She forlornly walks her everyday life, where she doesn’t exactly have any friends and is the constant target of impudent classmates. The absence of her late mother has created a void inside her heart, which she blithely fills by keeping herself engaged in books, piano lessons, writing essays for others, taking care of her father and whatnot. But one day everything changes…

A jock wants her to write a love letter for another girl and Ellie is left with no choice but to agree as she was in a desperate need of money and the deal as it is was very lucrative. Ellie has never been in love and has never been able to articulate the feeling that everyone has these days. The story unfolds as misunderstandings lead to pandemonium and you’re just with your mouth wide open. What will Ellie discover along the way? What is her destiny? Does everyone have a perfect other half or is love something entirely different?

This romedy is a perfect remedy to the monotony of your quarantine. I would recommend this movie to everyone as I don’t watch such movies usually and even I loved it. A surge of contentment takes over you as you watch the movie and that is the best feeling ever. The ending might be unsatisfactory for some, but I liked it. The movie is an immaculate blend of comedy and love. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you so this will be the end of this review and please do watch the movie, you won’t regret it.

Rating: 9/10

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