Week 4: Latest Binge-worthy Shows/Movies You Can’t Miss

Hey binge-watchers! Here is my list of latest shows/movies to binge on this quarantine:

1. Rick and Morty (New Season)

Rick Sanchez, a senile scientist who abandoned his daughter long ago, comes back into the lives of the Smith family. This arrival changed the lives of the family forever and especially that of Rick’s grandson, Morty. Rick feels that real learning doesn’t lie between the dull pages of our textbooks. To Rick, learning isn’t something you inherit or grasp through the monotonous lectures of your school teachers. To Rick, learning is when you explore, when you experiment, when you aren’t afraid of going on unprecedented adventures. This mindset ensued in endless Rick and Morty adventures.

This science fiction animation series is just mind-blowing. To be very honest, I was hesitant while starting this series because it’s animated. If you feel the same then let me tell you this, the animations help the series gain more control over what they can show the viewers and that just makes it a 100 times better than other comedy series. The humour and sarcasm in the show just makes me laugh my heart out. This sci fi series explores various multiverses in every episode. Every episode is just so creative that you can’t help but think “okay, wow”. ‘Rick and Morty’ explores various galaxies while giving a satirical touch to it and that’s what makes it so stupendous.

Right now will be the best time to start the series as the new fourth season is here and every episode is unveiled weekly and you really shouldn’t miss out! I would particularly recommend this series for all teenagers and young adults.

Rating: 9.8/10

2. Never Have I Ever

Devi Vishwakumar, a high school teenager from Indian descent, has had a pretty rough year. She wasn’t exactly famous but following her year of tragedies she became the hot gossip of her high school. Devi had lost her father due to a heart attack. While, maybe other than Devi there might be other students who had lost a parent but what was so special in Devi’s case was that her father suffered a heart attack in front of her whole school while Devi was performing for her school orchestra. While mourning her dad, Devi got so overwhelmed with grief that she got paralysed from the waist below and couldn’t walk for three months and had to attend school that way as well. Just imagine how hard that must’ve been for a teenager, a stage of life when you’re not sure about anything.

So in a nutshell, after a lousy year Devi is all set to actually ‘enjoy’ school and wants to her best to help make herself and her eccentric friends cool. This series is a classic high school drama but is unique at the same time. Well, which high school drama is complete without a crush, right? You guessed it! Devi finds herself drooling over a swimmer athlete who happened to be her classmate, Paxton Hall-Yoshida. While she drools over him she’s totally aware that he’s out of her league but she won’t give up she has to give it a shot.

I really loved the Indian touch to the series Being an Indian myself, I could relate to all the jokes in the series. A lot of questions pop up in our minds as we watch the series. Will Devi be able to make Paxton fell the way she did? To the whole world Devi is over everything that happened, but is she? What role do their friends play in the series? I would recommend this to all teenagers and especially to all those immigrant students who are studying far from home right now!

Rating: 7.4/10

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (New Season)

Detective Jake Peralta and his other fun colleagues solve crimes for the 99th police precinct in Brooklyn, New York. If you’re really tired of this quarantine and if you’re looking to start a fun series where you don’t have to be wholly engrossed or engaged and which you can watch without any hassle and just enjoy then Brooklyn 99 will be the perfect series for you. Starring Andy Samberg, this series is being commended and appreciated throughout the world and has been successful in receiving a positive response from its viewers throughout its six seasons. Its seventh season is being aired right now, unfortunately for me, the new season hasn’t been made available on Netflix India right now but I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Rating: 9.2/10

4. Extraction

I’ve already reviewed this movie. Check it out from the link down below.


5. 13 Reasons Why (New Season)

Set in a small town, 13 Reasons Why revolves around the lives of the students of Liberty High. When Hannah Baker, a newcomer at the school, commits suicide the whole school grips itself for something unexpected. When one day, Clay Jensen finds a box with 13 cassette tapes inside it, that’s when chaos wrecked. With every episode, a series of ugly truths unveil themselves, while we watch with ineffable horror. This series tells us a lot about rape culture, teenage mental health and even parents can learn from it while handling teenagers. Hannah tells her story even when she’s six feet under and everyone is shocked to the core when the truth breaks out. But it’s not just Hannah’s story that seeks to be a heard. There are many like her who might not have faced what Hannah did but it affected them just the same. The plot of the series doesn’t end with Hannah. There’s much more. The fourth and final season of this series will air on Netflix on 5th June and I can’t wait!

Rating: 8.5/10

I know it’s not new anymore but if you haven’t watched it I would really recommend watching Money Heist. Its fourth and latest season was launched on Netflix on 3rd April, 2020.

Other Trending Series/Movies which are on my watchlist:

  • Better Call Saul
  • Riverdale
  • After Life
  • The Last Dance
  • Dark
  • Into The Night

Feel free to comment down below if you think I’ve missed out on anything. Suggestions are always welcome. Stay Tuned. Stay Safe.

11 thoughts on “Week 4: Latest Binge-worthy Shows/Movies You Can’t Miss”

  1. Loved it! Would definitely add all of them to my watchlist! You are an amazing writer, never give up! The world needs more of it👏🏻

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