Week 2: Extraction Review

Hey binge-watchers! Week 1 ended two days ago which means this week is going to be full of movie reviews. Today, I’m going to review Extraction which was put up on our Netflix screens just four days ago. The spotlight primarily focused on Chris Hemsworth who yet again shined and met the expectations of his viewers.

This action-packed film revolves around the life of one innocent boy who has been objectified throughout his life. Being the son of a Mumbai-based druglord, the boy finds himself in captivity under another rival gangster based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After other mercenaries refuse the offer, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is called to the rescue and is hired to bring the boy to safety. However, this mission wasn’t a piece of cake, to save the boy, Tyler will have to fight a whole army. The boy finds himself in a tough situation where he has to follow his instincts and decide whom he can trust after everyone tries to lay their hands on him. Will he make the right choice? Will Tyler be able to save him? Do watch the movie to find out.

The ending of the movie in particular is a masterpiece. While I hate cliffhangers and enjoy epilogues whenever I read or watch anything, this movie’s ending changed my opinion. As you’ll watch it, you’ll realise that the ending is pretty ambiguous and this ensued in endless browsing done by me vis-à-vis the ending ( which I’m sure you’ll do as well). Soon, I realised that the ambiguity of the ending is just what was needed. The director, Sam Hargrave deliberately wanted an ending like this because by doing that the movie appealed to a much larger audience that it would have, initially. Realizing the fact that the audience will interpret the ending in the way they want to, Hargrave delivered a perfect end to this classic thriller.

Another thing I really enjoyed in the movie was how real it was. The creators scrupulously made this engrossing thriller and didn’t miss anything. Every dialogue, every detail, every shootout felt real and alive. While watching the movie, you feel so exhilarated and apprehensive at the same time that it makes you want to jump in your seats. The nervousness you feel while watching it just makes you gnaw at your fingernails. So, if you are a Hemsworth fan and if you enjoy action thrillers and, I would really recommend watching this movie!

My rating: 8.2/10

Hope you enjoyed this review. Stay tuned for more posts. Stay Safe!

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