Week 1: Train to Pakistan Review

Hey readers! How’s the reading coming along during the quarantine? The sad fact remains I’ll have to switch back to e-reading as soon as my current read ends which I’m really not used to. Anyways, today I’ll be reviewing Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh. To be honest, I don’t usually read a lot of Indian books, however this is one of those books which utterly blew me away!

Khushwant Singh, who was a refugee from Pakistan himself, immaculately depicts a beautiful story set in pre-independence India. This book is a mixture of violence, love, courage and sacrifice. The main protagonist of the story is Juggut Singh, who is an infamous resident of a small village called Mano Majra. This fictional village, lying on the borders of India and Pakistan, is composed of various ethnic communities but mainly the Sikhs and Muslims. Amazingly, even during the partition these people live in complete harmony and solace until they face themselves in the clutches of a grave adversity.

When a train from Pakistan, full of Sikh corpses halts at the threshold of Mano Majra, a strong tide of terror flows into the village. The friendliness of the people of the village soon turns into hostility and animosity. The heavy task of saving the lives of the people of Mano Majra falls upon the shoulders of Juggut Singh. Will he be able to do it? How is he going to redeem himself?

For me, the true essence of this book lies in the very last paragraph and in my opinion that’s what makes the book so great. The last paragraph. The fluency and simplicity of Khushwant Singh’s writing is just exquisite and I wouldn’t want to change anything in it.

This book is a classic that surpasses the mark set by other novels in Indian literature and maybe even in the world. I would really recommend reading this book irrespective of the fact whether you like Indian novels or not. This is one of those books which I wouldn’t mind rereading again and again.

My rating: 9.5/10

Happy reading! See you next week with more reviews! Stay Safe.