All About This Endeavor

Hey, so for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sidh Aneja and I’m suffering from bibliomania. There are a lot of reasons behind writing this blog but I think the major one is my obsession with books and movies.

2-3 years ago, I got really fascinated with writing novels and short stories and I really tried my best, however it’s really not that easy. I eventually got demotivated and dropped the whole idea of aspiring to be a novelist and never wrote anything again. Right now, the COVID-19 has clenched the whole world in its claws and no one really has anything left to do to avoid boredom. So, I think that writing a blog about what I love is going to be the best solution for breaking the monotony of this quarantine.

The major thing I want to gain from this blog is Improvement. I want to improve my writing skills, my quotient for creativity and my personality. I want to grow and not let a virus block my path towards growth.

When I read books, I feel that I should be writing but before I just mindlessly start writing ‘novels’ ( which I’ve done before) so to remove this dilemma of whether I can write or not, I’m taking on a 52 week blog challenge where I will post review(s) every week and if I don’t give up it will give me my answer and I will start exploring career options in writing and this is yet another reason as to why I’m doing this.

I feel that I read all kinds of genres of movies and shows whatsoever. However, I prefer to read only those books that fit in my favourite genres and hence my library of the best books in the world is quite limited. Thus, reviewing all kinds of books is going to widen my horizon in book reading and I won’t be missing out on anything in literature!

This blog, as you must’ve already guessed is going to be about books, movies, TV series and whatnot. I’m going to review each of my favourite reads and movies. That doesn’t mean I’m just going to review what I want to, I’ll always welcome suggestions and review the suggested book/movie. So, no time to waste, let’s dig right in!

12 thoughts on “All About This Endeavor”

  1. Great initiative.
    At this young age its an inspiration to read about your aspirations and start of this endeavour.
    Hope to figure out many more good reads from your blog in the future👍🏻

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